Friday, November 4, 2011

Nature's Beauty- Part 1

Nature is one of my favorite things. Its everlasting, ever changing, and just so beautiful that one can't do it justice. These were all taken at a local mountain, and to my knowledge they were all taken and kept in their natural color and effect, except perhaps the second image of the sunset down the highway.




Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Five Of My Favorite Things: October Edition

So I thought I'd give you guys a peak at my favorite things, the things that made October really special for me. Now these are all actual possessions, not sentimental things that make me love October, that just made last month so much better. We all have those things, right? I certainly do!

 This was a part of my Halloween Costume, my police cap, which I have wore all month long. Ever since I picked it up at Target, I've been obsessed with it! I wear it all the time in my room, even still in November. I don't know what it is about it, but it makes me feel incredibly sexy.
 This is the W magazine from September, with Kristen Stewart on the cover. I looked for it for two weeks, couldn't find it any of the local stores, then found it at a small little side store and picked it up. Its a beautiful issue, even if the woman is wearing so much makeup and is photo shopped beyond belief.
 This is the antique sun mirror that I picked up for Three dollars at a thrift store down the street. I lay it flat on my vanity and put fake candles in the center and keep them on all night. It casts a beautiful glow all around the room, and sometimes I place a few crystals or pretty trinkets there too.
 Some scented oil that I picked up in Salem, MA. Its called Scarlet Letter and you put on only one drop at your wrists, and it warms up as you rub them together. It is supposed to last two years, and I definitely believe that. It's a heavy, spicy scent that certainly attracts the attention that it is supposed to grab: Men's Attention. Every day I've worn it men seem to come running to my side, and I've been wearing it all month! Obsessed! 
A crystal that I picked up in Salem as well, I put it on a necklace and it dangles next to my tanzanite. Its a carnelian crystal, its good for blood flow and desire, and a healthy fertile body. Unfortunately it fell off my chain when I was sleeping, and now I keep it next to my bed.

So, here you are, my most precious items of the month. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Let me know in the comments if you have any items that have ever really ' symbolized' what you did or what you have done with your month.



Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Having One Of Those Days: The 1st Of The Month

Do you ever just have one of those day's when you are just not inspired to do anything? Yeah, that's one of those days today, for myself. But I decided to take a walk, and play around a little bit, because photography is that one thing that can break me out of any mood! So, these shots are deemed my " 1st of the month shots" because it's usually the one day I am not so good at expressing myself. I would love to know what you guys think!


Got outside for one of the shots at least! The scarf you see is a beautiful gift I received from a friend who is traveling through Asia at the moment. She sent me two: One in the yellow seen, and the other in red. I'm drawn to the yellow because it's unique script show up beautifully and people always complement me on it. For some reason I always feel like I'm from a far away place when I wear it, like Egypt or India, and it feels so special and sacred.

Let me know what you guys think! Leave me a comment, trust me I read them!