Monday, October 31, 2011

The Curse Of The " Slutty" Halloween Costume

" Halloween is the one day of the year you can dress as a slut and no one cares," - Everyone I Know

Does anyone else out there cringe when you read that sentence? Yes? No? Just a little? I don't know why, but I just hate the fact that anyone feels the need to dress inappropriately on any occasion. Today I witnessed as three girls paraded down the streets in " Jungle Soldier" costumes that consisted of little more then green bras covered in fake vines, and booty shorts that don't even deserve that name. This is after a snow storm and a twenty degree temperate drop, mind you.

This year I dressed as a physco cop with my friends, with the " sluttiest" part of the costume being our makeup, and later the naughty photos shot using the Instagram App. We put on some overly exaggerated black eye liner, coral lips, blush and spilled some lip stain on our fingers. Our homemade costumes consisted of a blue button down, our skinniest black jeans, our cop hats, and a pair of boots to tread through some slush. I was complemented by most everyone, all wondering If I could arrest them, and yet not one bit of skin was flashing provocatively. Hmmm, so curious!

But anyways, I would love to hear some thoughts from others on what they wore, and what you guy's think about the whole " slutty" Halloween costumes! Did anyone go as something sexy that you want to share, or did you break into other genre's as well? Let me know in the Comments!




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