Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Dedication to Older Times

Using Brannan for the top two and InkWell for the bottom, I took these images in a room in front of an open bay window. With natural light pouring in on a beautiful, sunny, fall day and a regular vanity light on in the back, I sought to capture a unique look with my model. Instagram is amazing at close-up shots, and these were no exception to that.

The first picture was captured in a moment of rest, when my model had just put her hand threw her hair, and was massaging the back of her neck. With her made up cat eyes closed, and her mouth slightly slack, she came out looking like a portrait like beauty. The orangey light on in the background gave it just enough of a fashion-like vibe that I found beautiful.

The second picture is one of my favorites. For certain projects I prefer working in my rooms, and since the day was sunny, but just a little too chilly for us, we used what we could to try and make it unique looking. When I look at this photograph I image she's at a movie theater, watching the images play across the screen, enthralled yet just slightly over it.

The final shot came out looking slightly like Edie Sedgwick, no? Both the model and the deceased star share the same love for decorated eyes, and the short gamine look, with flawless skin and just enough of teeth in this shot to spark more interest.

A great thanks for any viewer of these pictures, as they are some of my absolute favorites.



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